1. Is the watch electric?

First try pressing the watch button, and if the screen is not lit, charge the charger on the watch to make sure it’s powered.

2. Is there any other phone nearby that has been connected to a watch before?

If you’ve connected to another phone before, you can turn it off with Bluetooth and try again with your current phone.

If you’ve connected another iPhone before, unbind the device’s Bluetooth settings page before trying again with your current phone.Set path: “System Settings \”-\”Bluetooth\”- click on the right i icon to ignore this device.

3. Try to restart Bluetooth

If the watch has power and the phone is close to the back and cannot be searched, you can try restarting your phone’s Bluetooth.

4. Try to restart your phone

If rebooting Bluetooth doesn’t work, try restarting your phone.

5. Data cannot be synchronized in motion

When the watch is in motion, the APP will not be able to sync to the watch’s data, please try re-syncing after the end of the exercise.