1. Weather synchronization failed

If the weather information is not updated, try the following checks:

Please make sure the app has permission to obtain location information

Please ensure that the mobile phone network connection is normal. Poor network connection may cause the APP to obtain weather information and weather information abnormally.

Please ensure that the mobile phone network connection is normal, the health app generally obtains weather data every 4 hours. If your network environment is not good, it may also cause the weather information data to be refreshed in a timely manner. If you cannot update in WIFI environment, please try to use the network.

The indoor closed environment may fail to locate due to GPS failure, so weather updates cannot be obtained. Please try to reconnect in an open area.

2. How to connect your watch and phone

When using for the first time, press and hold the up button to turn on. Watch Bluetooth is parable by default.

(1). Search for \”APP\” in the mobile app market, download and install the sports app, or update the existing app on the phone to the latest version;

(2). Open the app, and follow the pop-up prompt to enable the APP-related permissions. Click Device> Add Device, and select the strongest signal from the list of available devices.

(3). Tap to start pairing. The APP will automatically search for the Bluetooth device name of the watch and list it. Tap the Bluetooth name of the watch and the watch and phone will automatically start pairing;

(4). When the pairing request Yes appears on the watch screen, click OK to complete the pairing connection with the phone.

3. Raise your hand and no response

(1). Please make sure the hand-on switch is turned on in the health app message notification;

(2). Check if the Do Not Disturb mode is turned on or the Do Not Disturb period is set on the watch.

(3). When I just woke up, the watch has not yet exited the sleep mode. At this time, raising the hand is not available. It is recommended that you click the button or perform an activity to exit the sleep mode, and then use the function of raising the screen.

4. APP has no sleep history

Watch sleep data cannot be synced to the health app, please try the following:

(1). Please make sure your watch is recording sleep data normally, turn on the watch Sleep app to check your sleep duration. If sleep duration is 0, please press Steps to troubleshoot:

a. It may be that you have more wrist movements when you sleep for a long time, so that the sensor determines that it is not sleep, Causes data loss. It is recommended that you wear your watch on a non-dominant hand (such as If you ’re used to using your right hand, you can wear your watch on your left.)

b. If your watch runs out of power before going to bed, and the watch runs out of power during sleep, shut down,Will cause sleep data loss.

(2). Make sure the watch and mobile phone are in a normal connection state;

(3). Manually pull down the screen on the homepage of the sports health app, watch data will be synchronized toAPP

(4). If you turn on scientific sleep, scientific sleep data cannot be synchronized, please pay attention The following matters:

a). Please check if the watch is worn loosely before going to sleep. Collecting heart rate data will not provide you with scientific sleep analysis.

b). b.00: 00-06: 00 does not support sleep data synchronization, data can be carried out after 6 o\’clockSynchronize.

c). If your continuous sleep time does not exceed 3 hours, sleep data acquisition will not be Sufficient for scientific calculation, no sleep at night, related data will be counted To take a nap.

d). If your watch is not fully charged before going to sleep, shut down during sleep, the watch records Recording less than 3 hours of sleep will also cause the night sleep on the app to not display.

If the above still fails to sync, you can disconnect the Bluetooth switch of the mobile phone and then turn it on again to ensure that the app stays connected normally.